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The TruckTower is an innovative solution that maximizes parking space capacity by intelligently stacking trucks and buses without further soil sealing.

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More and more transports and no parking spaces in sight!

The EU Commission estimates that the volume of truck traffic will increase by a further 44% between 2020 and 2050 and the use of buses by 72%. According to the BMDV, freight traffic will increase by a further 46% and even 56% on the roads by 2051.


The TruckTower improves security by providing safe parking spaces to solve the problem of parking in no-stopping and no-parking zones and the associated rear-end collisions. It reduces accidents caused by inappropriately parked trucks and meets the criteria for secure parking spaces, ensuring the protection of transported goods.


The TruckTower contributes to compliance with legal requirements by providing solutions to problems relating to driving and rest periods and stopping restrictions. Drivers can use the TruckTower to quickly find and reserve a suitable parking space, making it easier to comply with Regulation EC 561/2006.


The TruckTower combats economic problems in logistics by improving working conditions and providing secure parking, which reduces driver shortages, theft and economic damage.It promotes efficiency and minimizes CO2 emissions by reducing traffic and delivery delays.

Nature and the environment

The TruckTower reduces the environmental impact by eliminating the time-consuming search for parking spaces. By providing sufficient and efficiently used parking spaces, unnecessary trips are avoided, resulting in a significant reduction of CO2 emissions and traffic. This contributes to more sustainable logistics and a lower environmental impact.

Digital integration

The TruckTower is fully digitally integrated into the operational process, enabling precise and efficient control of parking space utilization and vehicle management. Automated parking and booking systems increase efficiency and minimize the need for manual intervention, simplifying the management of reservations.

TruckTower: Guaranteed safety and convenience when it comes to parking trucks

TRUCKTOWER provides more space, which the logistics industry urgently needs, and guarantees safety through a solution-oriented system that not only ensures intelligent parking, but also has a positive impact in various regions. The project partners include well-known companies such as SEW-EURODRIVE, Vollert, ABONA and more.

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TruckTower pursues the sustainability goals of the UN

By reducing soil sealing, the TRUCKTOWER contributes to better water infiltration and conservation of natural resources, improves the efficiency of logistics infrastructure and reduces traffic and CO2 emissions in cities by optimizing the use of parking spaces. In addition, the reduced land consumption helps to preserve forests and green spaces. The TRUCKTOWER strives to gain partners in order to advance these sustainability goals together.

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